Workshop Recordings

The Graduate Student Resource Center (GSRC) hosts a variety of workshops and events aimed at graduate students and postdocs. In the link below you will find recordings of workshops going back to Spring 2020. This includes:

A Zoom conversation is happening on a laptop next to a coffee mug.

After Grad: Academic Pathways Week: a week full of panels and workshops designed to promote preparation and success across your academic career, both in graduate school and as a possible future faculty member.

After Grad: Career Pathways Week: a week-long professional development event that supports graduate students and postdocs taking the first step in post-graduation career exploration.

After Grad: Teaching Careers Week: a week full of panels, workshops, and presentations devoted to a future in a teaching-focused career.

Other professional development events and workshops: a collection of one-time workshops with a plethora of focuses ranging from financial wellness to how to better plan and schedule in grad school.

Click here to access recordings