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By Christina Trujillo |

We can all acknowledge that this past quarter has been challenging. If you’re like me, you found the sudden shift from in-person to on-line work an unexpected (and unwanted) learning opportunity—specifically, the opportunity to learn how to transform your kitchen table into a home office while your new furry co-workers try to eat your computer cords. One opportunity you might not have had, however, is the opportunity to get some dedicated writing done.

That’s where the Summer Digital Write-A-Thon can help.  Knowing you have a dedicated time to write surrounded—digitally—by other writers can help keep you on track, give you that added energy boost to keep pushing through those writing challenges, and offer you the chance to talk to someone outside your home about your writing.


If you’re feeling too distracted by everything going on right now to write, the Write-A-Thon can help you maintain focus!


[Image Description: Dug, from Up, distracted while talking to Carl. Dug’s head jerks to the side as he shouts, “Squirrel?”]

Pictured: Visual representation of your focus over the last few months


If you’re feeling like your writing process has become even more isolating, the Write-A-Thon can help with that!



[Image Description: Janet, from Kim’s Convenience, stands alone in her kitchen, glancing back and forth as she realizes she’s alone.]

Pictured: How your writing process feels right now


If you’re struggling to stick to a dedicated writing time, the Write-A-Thon can help with that!


[Image Description: Aubrey Plaza looks to the right and says slowly: “I have no plan.”]

Pictured: Your current writing schedule



The Summer Digital Write-A-Thon will provide dedicated writing time, goal setting activities, feedback from writing consultants, and daily informational sessions on topics like work-life balance when work and life both take place at home, and establishing a sustainable writing practice.

Did I mention this is all free?

Because it’s all free.


[Image Description: Helga, from Hey Arnold, looks over her shoulder with interest as she says, “Free stuff?”

Pictured: Yep. Free.



While in the past, this event was reserved for Ph.D. students only, the Write-A-Thon is now open to both Ph.D. and MFA students.

Ph.D. students who have advanced to candidacy, and MFA students working on their theses can sign up for 1, 2, or 3 full days of writing, depending on individual schedules and needs.


When: July 14th, 15th, and 16th; 9am—4pm

Where: Zoom


Join today!