Campus Resources

Below is an extensive list of resources that can be found on the UCR campus. These are great resources that can make your time as a graduate student as pleasant and rewarding as possible. Please make use of these opportunities and feel free to contact us with any questions about what resource might be best for you!

Please note that not all of the services listed may run as normal due to COVID-19.

Here is an extensive list of resources that can be found on the UCR campus. Click on the category you are interested in knowing more about.

  • Campus Services
    • Child Development Center provides the children of students, staff, faculty, and community members with a healthy, safe, and inclusive learning environment.
    • Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is an office committed to the urgent, sustained, and comprehensive work of creating a campus climate of mutual respect and communal vision. 
    • Ethnic and Gender Centers (Costo Hall) is a guide to the various programs, resource centers, and programs that seek to provide a sense of belonging, a feeling of support, and the opportunity for learning in a relaxed and safe environment.
    • International Affairs Office provides services for all international students and scholars.
    • Libraries is an overview site of UCR’s extensive library services.
    • Office of the Ombuds seeks to ensure that all members of the university community receive fair treatment within the university system. The Ombudsperson will assist with the informal resolution of any university-related complaint or conflict, considering all sides of a question in an impartial and objective way.
    • Officer of the Registrar assists students with registration, help in maintaining academic records, verifying transcripts, and assistance with course catalog maintenance and class scheduling.
    • Riverside Postdoctoral Association works to improve the quality of life of postdoctoral researchers and their families at UCR by building a community and providing and supporting activities, both academic and otherwise, for all its members.
    • Title IX/Sexual Harassment Office investigates reports of sexual harassment and sexual violence, and will take appropriate action to prevent, to correct, and when necessary, to discipline behavior that violates UCR’s policy on Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment.
    • Transportation administers parking permissions and offers various transportation services.
    • UCR Events lists the different events that are happening on campus from lectures and seminars to plays.
    • WCOnline is the UCR appointment registration system. If you want to register for an event or GSRC Grad-2-Grad support hours you can do that here.
  • Student Services
    • Career Center is a place to explore career paths and identify the steps needed to achieve your dream career.
    • Financial Aid is the office that helps navigate grants, scholarships, loans, and other types of financial aid.
    • Graduate Families is an overview of services provided for UCR's student families ranging from housing to childcare.
    • Graduate Student Association is the official elected graduate student body. The GSA, and their departmental subdivisions, provide different services and information, and also serve as the graduate student voice to UCR administration and faculty.
    • Housing provides services and aid with campus housing.
    • Student Business Services provides help with cashiering operations, billing receivables, disbursement of student aid, maintenance and collection of student loans, and campus receivables.
    • Student Disability Resource Center works to promote an inclusive educational experience for UCR students through the advocacy of equal access, disability and ability awareness, and empowerment.
    • The UCR Graduate Student Community eLearn course page posts information and opportunities of interest to all graduate students.
  • Physical and Mental Health
    • Basic Needs gives an overview of the different resources available on and off campus to cover basic needs.
    • Counseling Center (CAPS) provides counseling and psychological services with licensed professionals.
    • Student Health Center provides primary care and laboratory services.
    • Student Recreation Center offers a variety of fitness services from such as a gym, pool, and various courts as well as equipment and guides to fitness.
    • The Well provides education and resources for students in a variety of health and wellness topic areas.
  • Administration and Employment
    • Equal Employment & Affirmative Action is there to help you in cases of discrimination, harassment, and violence on and off campus.
    • Graduate Division oversees graduate recruitment, admissions, academic affairs, fellowships, grants, employment, and mentoring.
    • Human Resources provides leadership and expertise to create and support a high performing, inclusive workplace.
    • UCR Administration and Leadership provides an overview over UCR’s administrative organizational structure with links to the Chancellor, Provost, Executive Vice Chancellor, and six Vice Chancellors whose offices oversee specific areas.