University Teaching Certificate

The University of California, Riverside’s Graduate Division created the University Teaching Certificate (UTC) as a two-quarter instructional training and certification program for graduate students. This highly competitive program is designed to assist university-level instructors in developing teaching and lecturing strategies, designing a teaching philosophy, and becoming members of the professional teaching community. The goal of the UTC program is to equip graduate students with the necessary skills so that they can be regarded as both outstanding scholars and teachers in their continued work in academia. Ph.D. students and Master’s students are welcome to apply. Postdocs may also apply, but will not receive the four units of UCR credit if they are accepted.

To be considered for the UTC Program you must submit: 

  • An application form (including letter of interest) 
  • A letter of reference. 
  • Three quarters of teaching evaluations (alternatively, you may attend the Teaching Development Day event held in Spring quarter). 

Students are required to attend twice-weekly classes during their first quarter in the program, as well as two seminars during the second quarter. 

If you have any questions, consult the FAQ or contact the UTC Coordinator via email

For the most current information and application deadlines, visit here