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Budgeting as a Grad Student 

Graduate school can be difficult for many reasons. Aside from going to class, studying, preparing for exams, writing theses/dissertations, etc., one of the more challenging aspects of grad life is managing finances. Although saving money and avoiding debt may seem a far reach for anyone living off of minimal stipends and fellowships don't despair! It...
By Lauren Hammond | | Advice

Grad School and the Great Outdoors: Hiking 101

There are many programs on campus to help students reduce their stress and balance their personal and academic life. However, sometimes, all we need to do is to get away from school and let nature soothe and heal us. One of the advantages of living in California is its variety of activities we can take...
By Marziyeh Kameli |

Ph.D. Spotlight: Stephen Exarhos

We had the opportunity to chat with Stephen Exarhos, recent Ph.D. graduate in Mechanical Engineering and M.Ed. graduate in Higher Education Administration and Policy about his time as a student at UCR. Stephen shared his insight, experience, and advice on grad student life. 1. What did you get your degree in, and what are you...
By Stephen Exarhos | | Advice

How Can Mentorship Benefit You?

Whether you just got to graduate school or you've been here for years, you probably wouldn't be where you are today without the mentorship of others. One of the great things about mentorship is that anyone and everyone can benefit from engaging in the act of mentoring, as long as the needs of the mentee...
By Kyla Rankin |