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Introducing the New TADP Manager: Ashley Harlow, PhD

1. Ashley, tell us a little bit about your background and how you came to work at UCR. I am from Banning, CA and am a first-generation college graduate. Before going back to graduate school, I was an 11th and 12th grade History teacher in Northeast Los Angeles. I LOVED it, but realized I wanted...
By Ashley Harlow |

What the Heck Comes Next!?

The Career Center has invited the Graduate Student Resource Center to team up and start a podcast focused on your career development while in graduate school.
By Monique Posadas and Jason Chou | | Wellness, Professionalization, Academics & Research

Make Time to Go Out, Hang Out, and Chill Out!

Prioritize your physical and mental health this year for success in graduate school and beyond by intentionally scheduling time to have fun, relax, and enjoy good company.
By Jason Chou | | Wellness, Advice

Five Tips for 1st Year PhDs

A second-year graduate student offers advice for incoming first-years.
By Christopher Valencia | | Advice

Introducing the New GradSuccess Director: Dawn Loyola, EdD

GradSuccess is happy to introduce the new director, Dawn Loyola, EdD!
By Dawn Loyola |
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GWC Heat Index

Summer reading recommendations from the Graduate Writing Center staff.
By Leah Washburn | | Wellness

Tips and Tricks for Time Management

This blog offers a few tips and tricks on how to best manage your time.
By Christopher Valencia | | Advice

Summer Bucket List: Riverside and the Inland Empire

Check out our summer bucket list of things to do in Riverside and the Inland Empire.
By Kristen Herbert |

Summer Bucket List: LA and Orange County

This blog post offers UC Riverside grad students suggestions for things to do in neighboring LA and Orange County during the summer break.
By Gary Qin | | Wellness

What to Do About Summer Burnout

For most graduate students, summers can be hard. This article discusses strategies that can help grad students balance being productive while also enjoying their summer break to prevent and treat burnout.
By Kristen Herbert | | Wellness, Advice
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How to Maintain Your Writing Over the Summer as a Graduate Student

Staying productive in your writing during the summer can be challenging. This week’s blog has advice on how to enjoy your summer and make progress on your research and writing.
By Kristen Herbert | | Writing, Advice
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Stay Well This Summer

Prioritize your mental and physical health this summer. It's good to be productive even over the summer, but it's even more important to relax and recharge.
By Jason Chou | | Wellness
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What I Learned at Teaching Careers Week

Missed some or all of Teaching Careers Week? Not to fear! Read on for the takeaways from each session.
By Nathaly Martinez | | Professionalization, Teaching
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Finding Teaching Resources During the Summer

Are you working as a teaching assistant or instructor this summer? Learn more about resources that can support you.
By Anne Sullivan | | Teaching, Advice
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Onward to the Finish Line!

Just a few more weeks and many of you will be graduating. You've done a great deal of work, but you've accomplished even more than you probably realize.
By Jason Chou | | Advice
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Graduate Student Mentorship Opportunities at UCR

Mentorship is crucial to the graduate student experience. Learn why you should encourage first-year student to apply to the Graduate Student Mentorship Program and why you should become a mentor.
By Monique Posadas | | Mentoring
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Why Do I Want to Apply to UTC?

Want to become an instructor at college level and hone your teaching skills? Join our Fall-Winter UTC cohorts!
By Judy Zhu | | Teaching, Professionalization
TEACH spelled out in Scrabble tiles over blank tiles

Looking Ahead to Teaching Careers Week

Unsure what Teaching Careers Week has to offer? Here is a rundown of the schedule and what to expect from this whole week's worth of career development events!
By Kristoffer Ekroll | | Professionalization, Advice

Reflecting on Your Teaching

Spring is an ideal time to reflect on the goals you met and the challenges you encountered while teaching over the past year.
By Anne Sullivan | | Professionalization
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My Different Roles in the Graduate Student Mentorship Program

Mentorship is crucial to the graduate student experience. Learn why I became a part of the Graduate Student Mentorship Program and why you should get involved, too.
By Camila Alvarez | | Professionalization