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Why I Enjoy Being a Graduate Student Resource Center Lead Consultant

One of the Graduate Student Resource Center Lead Consultants reflects on why he enjoys working in the Resource Center and how it has helped him prepare for his professional future.
By Kristoffer Ekroll | | Professionalization, Wellness
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Spring Break Bucket List Ideas

Spring Break is a great time to relax and do something fun! Here are some ideas to help you plan a memorable spring break.
By Judy Zhu | | Wellness
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Excellence in Teaching - TA Awards

Prepare to celebrate excellence in teaching by learning more about the Outstanding TA Awards, Distinguished Teaching Awards, and the TA Development Program's Excellence in Teaching Banquet.
By Anne Sullivan, PhD | | Teaching
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Why I Enjoy Being a Writing Consultant

The Graduate Writing Center’s Lead Consultant reflects on why she enjoys working in the writing center and how it has helped her prepare for her professional future
By Lauren Hammond | | Writing, Professionalization
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What I Learned at Career Pathways Week

We attended Career Pathways Week and learned a lot! Here is a brief summary of our experiences attending this amazing series of workshops and panels dedicated to finding a career in non-academic professions.
By Kristoffer Ekroll | | Professionalization, Advice
A consultant works with a student in GradQuant

GradQuant Consultants: Making It Personal

Making an appointment for a GradQuant consultation is a good step in moving your research forward when you feel stuck. Bring your data analysis questions and work with us to find solutions.
By Jason Chou | | Support Services, Academics & Research
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Welcome to New Graduate Writing Center Consultants!

Two new consultants in the Graduate Writing Center - Christopher Valencia and Kristen Herbert - say hello and tell us a little about themselves.
By Lauren Hammond | | Writing
2022 Grad Slam Winner Claire Whitaker holds her grand prize ribbon.

Get Ready for the Grad Slam Semi-Finals!

It's an exciting return to in-person competition for Grad Slam! Find out about the plan for in-person semi-finals on February 22nd and 23rd.
By Laura McGeehan | | Events, Professionalization
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Looking Ahead to Career Pathways Week

Join us at Career Pathways Week to connect with professionals and learn how to navigate the professional job market! Read this week's blog post to get the breakdown of panels and workshops.
By Nathaly Martinez | | Professionalization, Events
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Learn About the UC DEI Rubric with TADP and XCITE

TADP and XCITE will lead a co-sponsored workshop next month to spread the word about the UC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Course Design Rubric and how you might apply the rubric as a TA. Read this week's blog post for more details.
By Anne Sullivan, PhD | | Teaching
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Starting the Quarter Off Right

As we settle into a new quarter, try these tips for boosting your productivity and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
By William Ota | | Wellness
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How Instructors Can Support "Adulting" Students

How can instructors, especially TAs, best support traditional-age, or "emerging adult," students? Read on for research into issues impacting college-age students and some suggestions on how to help them succeed in your classroom.
By Corinne Tam | | Teaching, Wellness

It's Time for GRAD SLAM!

UCR's 2023 Grad Slam competition is on! Take advantage of training and feedback opportunities and submit your preliminary video summarizing your research in three minutes or less.
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MamáScholar Chronicles (Holiday Edition): Holiday Read Aloud Books

When my daughter is not in school, playing outside with her neighbor friend, making protest posters (mom and dad 4 $), or picketing on the strike line with her family, she is listening to holiday read along books. Not yet fully reading, but able to piece together her sight words (hence the back-to-basics protest sign)...
By Monique Posadas | | Non-Academic Life, Advice

Best Practices for Networking in Graduate School

Friends, As the calendar year draws to a close, many of us will enjoy a break from classes as we reflect on the past year and anticipate the year to come. The holiday season is often a time to focus on relationships, as exemplified by the traditions of gift giving, service, and large, communal meals...
By Matt Arthur | | Advice, Professionalization
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Borrowing (Not Stealing) Teaching Techniques

“All good teaching is stealing.” Many of us have probably heard some version of that advice. A more accurate and generative aphorism, however, might go something like this: “all good teaching is borrowing, building, and giving credit.” One of the joys of teaching is realizing that you don’t have to design an exciting in-class activity...
By Anne Sullivan | | Teaching, Advice

5 Tips on Communicating Your Research Effectively

One valuable skill to acquire during graduate studies is effective communication of your research to audiences within and outside your field of study. There are many instances in your graduate school experience when effective communication will be important such as presentations (PowerPoint, poster, oral), grant writing, and general communications with peers/colleagues. [Image Description: Kris Jenner...
By Crystal Hua | | Academics & Research

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! First of all, if you haven’t read Matt Arthur’s Thanksgiving blog from last year, I highly recommend it. For this Thanksgiving, though, I thought I’d share some thoughts on what it means to me personally to be thankful and to give thanks. I still speak Chinese regularly at home...
By Jason Chou | | Wellness
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What I Learned at Academic Pathways Week

Graduating within the next year? Wondering how to get started on your journey into academia post graduate school? You may be looking for the right post-doc for you or you may be getting ready to apply to academic positions. Well do not worry, the Graduate Student Resource Center has you covered. This month the GSRC...
By Nathaly Martinez | | Professionalization

Writing Academic Job Materials

If you are on the job hunt for faculty or other academic positions, it is never too early to start preparing your written materials. However, applying for jobs can be a tedious and daunting task. To help you in this process, here's a checklist of materials you may be required to submit: Curriculum Vitae Cover...
By Lauren Hammond | | Writing, Advice