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PhD Spotlight: Sarah Murray

Sarah was a Spring 2022 Teaching Assistant Development Program (TADP) Coordinator but has also worked in many other GradSuccess roles over the course of her graduate studies. She has a very cute cat named Little Kitty. What did you get your degree in, and what are you doing now? My degree is in Sociology, with...
By Alexis Smith | | Professionalization, Advice
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Maintaining a Writing Practice Over the Summer

Summer is finally here, and it’s a great opportunity to recharge and refocus your goals. While it’s tempting to make very ambitious plans, it can be easy for time to slip away without the structure of the regular academic year. Luckily, there are ways you can organize your summer break to meet your writing goals...
By Shaafi Farooqi | | Writing, Academics & Research

Finding Teaching Resources During the Summer

Unfortunately, the Teaching Assistant Development Program (TADP) does not offer programming over the summer. That doesn’t mean, however, that there are no resources available to help you with teaching during the summer. Below are some options to consider if you’re teaching for the first time or just looking to improve your teaching over the break...
By Sarah Murray | | Teaching

Getting Outdoors this Summer

Friends, Summer will soon be upon us in full force. Many of us associate the coming of summer with change, as campus enters its annual state of pseudo-dormancy. This gives way to new work, new routines, and new challenges. For those in Southern California, one such challenge is heat, which is particularly problematic inland. Thankfully...
By Matt Arthur | | Non-Academic Life, Wellness

Summer Resources at GradQuant

Friends, As GradQuant’s Lead Consultant, I have had the privilege of working with many people in our graduate community over the past academic year. I want to personally thank everyone who used our services in 2021-22. It is an honor to be invited into the process of your research. With the year drawing to a...
By Matt Arthur | | Academics & Research

A Few of Our Favorite Things

As we head into the final month of this academic year, many of us are most likely overwhelmed with coursework, research, and preparation for summer and next year’s funding. To some of us, Spring quarter can be the most exhausting quarter of all. Therefore, it is important to remind ourselves to enjoy moments of joy...
By Judy Zhu | | Non-Academic Life, Wellness
After Grad: Teaching Careers Week

What I Learned at Teaching Careers Week

Are you pursuing a teaching role after your degree? Wondering how to get started on your job search journey into academia post graduate school? If so, then you may be getting ready to apply to academic positions. Well do not worry, the Graduate Student Resource Center has you covered. This month the GSRC hosted our...
By Nathaly Martinez | | Teaching, Professionalization

Sign Up for Summer Support Programs!

Believe it or not, summer is almost upon us! It's been yet another eventful academic year, and I think we're all looking forward to the change of pace summer will bring. Whether you're planning to hang out in Riverside or finally go on that research trip that's been delayed for over two years, GradSuccess has...
By Alexis Smith and Jason Chou | | Academics & Research
Teaching Head

Top Three Reasons Why YOU Should Apply for the University Teaching Certificate (UTC) Program

Why is it that you value teaching? Were you inspired by your favorite teacher? Is there something in your research that you want to share with the world? Either way, teaching is a key part of our work as grad students and potential future careers. Check out the top three reasons why YOU should apply...
By Brittany Carlson | | Professionalization, Teaching
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Looking Ahead to Teaching Careers Week

Spring is here and that means that the birds are chirping, the pools are heating up, and GradSuccess is hosting After Grad: Teaching Careers Week (TCW). For the uninitiated, this is a week full of virtual panels, workshops, and clinics that focus on different aspects of teaching and being part of the teaching profession. This...
By Kristoffer Ekroll | | Professionalization, Advice, Teaching
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Blooming Towards Your Degree in Spring

Welcome to the season of spring. The smell of flowers blooming in the air, sunny skies, and a sea of emotions. Let us not forget that that for many graduate students spring can be a stressful yet exciting time. Many of us are wrapping up coursework, finishing up a thesis, defending a dissertation, trying to...
By Nathaly Martinez | | Academics & Research, Wellness

Introducing Jason!

Please join us in welcoming and learning a bit more about Jason Chou, who joined Graduate Division as the new Coordinator of GradQuant and the Graduate Student Resource Center on March 16th. Jason came to us from the Academic Resource Center, where he's worked since 2004. Jason, tell us a little bit about your background...
By Hillary Jenks | | Support Services
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Job Opportunities in GradSuccess

You know it's spring when...the flowers start blooming, the temperature rises (in Riverside, straight up to the 90s), and GradSuccess is hiring! [Image Description: A drawing of a young person smelling a spring daisy.] Pictured: You, pondering the joys of spring (and future paychecks). Read on if you’re looking for summer employment, a position for...
By Hillary Jenks | | Professionalization

Conferencing Skills

As we enter the new quarter, you may be preparing to attend your first (or third, or twelfth) conference. Whether these conferences are in person, online, or hybrid, you may find yourself looking for some tips and tricks. Here is a breakdown of what you may want to keep in mind before, during, and after...
By Nina Mandracchia | | Academics & Research, Professionalization

Meet the Pets of GradSuccess

Ahead of spring break, we thought we would bring you a blog post that’s a bit of a change of pace. Since the GradSuccess office is closed over the break, we will all be at home more and spending time with loved ones – of the human and animal variety. Read on to find out...
By Sarah Murray | | Non-Academic Life

Resources for Quantitative Analysis: At UCR and Beyond

Friends, It was nearly 100 years ago that R.A. Fisher, a founder of contemporary statistical thought, published Statistical Methods for Research Workers (Fisher, 1925). This popular and deeply influential book explains data science in a way that is accessible to practitioners, both in the early 20th century and in the modern day. At the time...
By Matt Arthur | | Academics & Research

Lessons from TADP: What Our Coordinators Learned from UCR Teaching Assistants

Over the last year, we have had the distinctive honor of supporting graduate students in their teaching. We have witnessed graduate students cope with the challenges associated with the pandemic while showing an exemplar commitment to teaching excellence. Here are some of the lessons we have gained from teaching assistants during our time working in...
By Carlos Galan and Brittany Carlson | | Teaching
Blackboard with hand writing words such as "Career," "Hope," and "Dream job"

What I Learned at Career Pathways Week

Career Pathways Week is a professional development series created for graduate students who are interested in pursuing jobs outside of traditional academic roles. We held seven virtual events during the week of February 7-11 on topics including virtual networking, leveraging your transferrable skills, and turning your CV into a resume. If you were unable to...
By Sarah Murray | | Professionalization

Tips for Working Effectively in Teams

Friends, Effective teamwork is critical in nearly all walks of life. As students, many of us have participated in group projects with varying degrees of enthusiasm. As instructors, we are often required to organize and facilitate group work among our students. As professionals, we may need to work with colleagues in labs, conferences, and other...
By Matt Arthur | | Academics & Research, Teaching
spring blooms

Register for the Spring Break Write-A-Thon!

Spring Break is rapidly approaching! With it, comes a chance to reset after this somewhat tumultuous winter quarter and mentally prepare for spring. How will you use this down time? Naps and Netflix? A mid-week getaway? Or, how about a chance to finally buckle down and focus on writing? [Image description: Peter, a character from...
By Alexis Smith | | Academics & Research