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Campus Scavenger Hunt

How well do you know UCR’s campus? You are about to find out! Check out these 10 spots during your time at UCR. Caption: Use this map to orient yourself! 1. GradSuccess Main Office – University Office Building (UOB) 141 Why don’t you start your hunt with a visit to our office? We have drop-in...
By Samantha Levell | | Non-Academic Life

GradSuccess Community-Building Events this Fall

Looking forward to socializing with fellow students back on campus? GradSuccess community-building events are scheduled to help you to connect with peers. This fall quarter, we will host in-person Coffee Socials, two community Game Nights, and an Art Night. Take a look and share these events with other UCR graduate students. Coffee Socials The in-person...
By Yi Zhou | | Events, Wellness

Fall 2021 Teaching Development Workshops: Humanizing Teaching and Learning

Are you new to TA’ing? Are you new TA’ing in a hybrid format? Don’t feel alone or overwhelmed; GradSuccess has teaching workshops for that! This fall, the TA Development Program (TADP) workshops will be held on Mondays from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm and Wednesdays 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm. The workshops will focus thematically...
By Brittany Carlson | | Teaching

Coping with Writer's Block

Let’s face it, writer’s block is that office creep always lurking and never welcome. So, how do we evade writer’s block without a personal HR department? Well, we don’t. So, let’s talk about how to deal with our dreaded companion…writer’s block. [Image Description: Michael Scott, a character from The Office, looking at the camera and...
By Ash Merryman | | Writing, Wellness

Budgeting as a Graduate Student

Grad school brings a multitude of challenging factors: the stress of going to class, working in a lab, writing a dissertation or master’s thesis, and taking care of yourself financially. For these reasons, managing your finances as a graduate student can be a daunting task. You might find yourself with limited funds and very little...
By Rosalia Lerner | | Funding & Finances

Introducing Alexis!

Our new Graduate Writing Center Coordinator Alexis Smith just joined us in August. Here's your chance to learn more about her.
By Hillary Jenks | | Writing

Meet the New GradSuccess Staff!

Please join us in welcoming the new grad student members of our GradSuccess 2021-22 team!
By Hillary Jenks | | Professionalization

PhD Spotlight: Antara Chakravarty

We're closing out our annual Summer PhD Spotlight series with Dr. Antara Chakravarty. Antara has just completed her PhD in Plant Pathology.
By Hillary Jenks | | Professionalization, Job Search, Non-Academic Life, Advice

Back to Campus (In Part) with GradSuccess

Wondering what Fall events will look like as begin transitioning back to campus? Here's the scoop on where, when, and how to access GradSuccess programs and services in the coming months.
By Hillary Jenks | | Academics & Research, Non-Academic Life, Wellness

How to Thrive as a First-Generation Graduate Student at UC Riverside

You've already overcome the challenges of navigating your undergraduate degree as a first-generation student - go you! But that doesn't mean that graduate school will always be easy to figure out. Here's our guide to thriving as a first-gen graduate student at UCR.
By Carlos Galan | | Advice, Academics & Research, Non-Academic Life

PhD Spotlight: Kyla Rankin

In the latest edition of our annual Summer PhD Spotlight series, we are chatting with Dr. Kyla Rankin, who has just completed her PhD in Psychology.
By Hillary Jenks | | Advice, Academics & Research, Teaching, Mentoring

Professional Development Resources at UCR

Check out resources UCR offers to help you grow your professional skills and achieve your career goals.
By Yelda Serin, PhD | | Professionalization, Job Search

The Graduate Writing Center is open for summer!

The GWC is open for summer! Meet our summer consultants and grab an appointment to dive into your summer writing together.
By Ash Merryman | | Writing

PhD Spotlight: Jessica Tingle

Our annual summer PhD Spotlight returns! This week we are chatting with Jessica Tingle, who is just completing her PhD in Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology.
By Hillary Jenks | | Advice, Academics & Research, Non-Academic Life

Resources for Summer TAs

Are you working as a teaching assistant or graduate student instructor this summer? Read on for resources to support you this summer, whether this is your first time teaching or your fifteenth!
By Sarah Murray | | Teaching, Advice

Join the Fun at GradSuccess Summer Events

Whether you are a new graduate student looking forward to building a supportive community or a current graduate student wanting a break from summer research, we’ve got you covered! Just because we’re continuing our events on virtual platforms this summer doesn’t mean we can’t get connected. We have weekly Coffee Socials, two community Game Nights...
By Yelda Serin | | Events

Parenting While in Graduate School

Balancing parenting with your graduate studies is certainly challenging. One of the best pieces of advice I was given as a pregnant graduate student was that because parenting and graduate school are both jobs without clear boundaries balancing the two requires lots of patience and chocolate. While I cannot share chocolate via blog (sorry!), here...
By Kelly Bowker | | Support Services, Wellness, Advice

Programs and Resources to Build Up Your Curriculum Vitae and/or Resume

Going on the job market in the future? Here are some programs and resources you can apply for to build up your curriculum vitae or resume!
By Kyla Rankin | | Professionalization, Job Search, Support Services

Tips to Keep Your Writing Going in Summer

Keeping your momentum going into summer can be hard, but here are a few suggestions to help design a summer writing plan that will work for you. Step 1: Make a plan. Some people look to summer as a time to relax, wind down and forget about academia for a little bit. Others see summer...
By Kelly Bowker | | Advice, Academics & Research

Summer Self Care

Looking to improve your summer? Here are fifteen ideas that are low commitment and low cost. Consider giving one a try this summer: 1. Get up early and watch the sunrise. As a bonus, it’s often the coolest time of day during our Riverside summers! [Image Description: A large orange sun moves slowly up and...
By Sarah Murray | | Wellness, Advice