Our Staff

Marziyeh smiling at the camera
Marziyeh Kameli

GradEdge/JumpStart Coordinator

Marziyeh Kameli is a fifth-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Comparative Literature and Languages. She works on twenty-first-century experimental prose form and the genre-set récit in French, American, and Persian literature. Outside of school, she enjoys hiking, painting, and gardening. Marziyeh works with GradSuccess Director, Dr. Jenks, to run the GradEdge/JumpStart Summer Program for incoming graduate students in STEM. 


Kyla smiling at the camera
Kyla Rankin

GradSuccess Summer Coordinator

Kyla Rankin is going into her sixth year in the social and personality psychology program. Kyla explores the benefits of flow states and mindfulness meditation while people wait for uncertain news, with the goal of creating effective interventions for people enduring some of the most stressful moments in life. In her free time, Kyla likes to watch fictional crime shows, read popular fiction novels, and visit family and friends back home. Kyla works with GradSuccess Director, Dr. Jenks, to run GradSuccess summer programming.