Why I Enjoy Being a Graduate Student Resource Center Lead Consultant

By Kristoffer Ekroll |

GradSuccess is hiring for next Academic Year and I would therefore like to use the occasion to share some of my experiences working for the Graduate Student Resource Center – perhaps the most versatile graduate student position on campus – for two and a half years.

What is the GSRC? The Graduate Student Resource Center (GSRC) is located in University Office Building 141. We like to think of ourselves as the hub for academic development, professionalization, and grad student camaraderie on campus. The GSRC develops and coordinates various opportunities and events with one goal in mind: to help you succeed academically, socially, and on the job market. Working as one of the two Lead Consultants means that you are at the center of achieving this mission.

The Center services the graduate student and postdoc body by hosting a series of wellness and professional development events. You may have seen us at the quarterly Stress Relief Fair, the weekly Coffee Socials, or at the After Grad series. However, these events are but the tip of the iceberg for what a job at the GSRC can provide for you.

Stress Relief Fair Taco Line
[Image Description: Students are lined up in the Physics Courtyard to get free tacos during Winter Stress Relief Fair.]

Pictured: This is part of what GSRC does but also so much more!

When I first applied to be the Lead Consultant at the GSRC it was primarily for two reasons: 1) after spending some time teaching I wanted a new challenge; and 2) I kept running into the two who had the positions before me and it looked like fun. Both of these wishes were granted me for this position has given me many different responsibilities and skills than what I would have had otherwise and also, I have had fun.

Being a GSRC Lead Consultant gives you experience in planning and organizing large events. You are there at every stage of the development cycle and are in charge of promoting as well as running the events. This means that I have had to plan across quarters and organize across organizations and campuses. I have grown accustomed to being in contact with administration, faculty, students, and postdocs. I have visited most areas of campus and have hidden knowledge as to how it operates behind the scenes. Indeed, I have become a bit of an everything specialist in charge of things ranging from attendance data management to social media presence.


[Image Description: Evelyn (Michelle Yeoh) in Everything Everywhere All at Once changes between several different versions of herself in a montage.]

Pictured: I am of course nothing compared to Michelle Yeoh but I am in many places at once.


I first applied to be a GSRC Lead Consultant because I wanted to know what was happening on campus and boy did I. During my stay in this position I have been involved in organizing Grad Slam, different student events and gotten to know so many amazing people that I would never have met otherwise both on and off campus. In this respect, this position is kind of amazing for networking. People remember you and the events you put on and then you use that for later outreach. It’s a win-win deal!

However, these inter-personal skills are not the only ones you get to learn and/or practice in this position. I have also become a master of Microsoft Excel. After each event you get experience compiling and analyzing attendance data. This means that using Microsoft Excel is not just a line on my CV anymore, it’s truly a skill that I have!


[Image description: An anthropomorphic cartoon Microsoft Excel logo is holding up the peace sign and smiling. The caption reads: “I excel at most things.”]

Pictured: I truly do excel at Excel.


Working two and a half years as a Graduate Student Resource Center Lead Consultant has been a lot of fun. It is a position I have been able to truly grow in and has helped me practice skills I would not have gotten while teaching or researching.

So, are you going to answer the call and step up to this unique opportunity to work with a great team that can really help round out your CV? Then you can read more and apply through our website!


[Image Description: Bruce Wayne (Michael Keaton) rises out of a chair and stands up and into the light of the bat signal.]

Pictured: Like the world’s greatest detective you too can rise to the occasion once you are called.