Peaceful and Relaxing Places to Read or Study Around Campus

By Matthew Kersting |

As the sun begins to stay out longer, you may feel the itch of being outside to enjoy the nice weather and ditch your seclusion inside! UCR offers many indoor places to study, but what about outside? And how do I avoid high-traffic areas if I am trying to stay focused? Well, we have some insight into that! Here is a list of places that give you both an outside environment to get the creative juices flowing but out of the way from others enough to not cause distraction! 


Areas that are centrally-located

Let’s start with some areas close to the campus center but off the main traffic areas enough to ensure some peace.


Let’s start with the perimeter areas of Tomás Rivera Library! Near traffic areas but off the main path, these little cubbies are great for setting up outside without having to venture too far from any main campus facilities!



[Image Description: Outside terrace of Rivera Library.]



[Image Description: Outside terrace of Rivera Library.]


Next on our list is the courtyards next to Spieth Hall and Batchelor Hall. These locations are a little more secluded and have more seating if you want to bring a group to enjoy the day while getting some work done!


Shaded chairs

[Image Description: Courtyard next to Spieth Hall.]



[Image Description: Courtyard next to Noel T. Keen and Batchelor Hall.]


Next, we have the second-floor terrace behind the newly constructed School of Medicine Building (II). This area gets a lot of sun for those looking to soak up a few rays, but it also has a covered area with tables if the weather gets too intense (rain or shine)!



[Image Description: Second-floor terrace behind the School of Medicine Building II.]


We round out our centrally located areas with the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Building. The courtyard has a lovely garden and seating all along the lawn, all while being just off the main area for foot traffic, making it a great place to set up shop. If you find this too close to others, you can head upwards to the fourth floor, where you can view the San Gabriel Mountains and look out over campus.



[Image Description: Courtyard of the CHASS INTN Building.]



[Image Description: Fourth-floor terrace view from the CHASS INTN Building.]


Areas that are off the beaten path

If you really want to isolate yourself and find a secluded place, here are some locations that are a bit of a walk from the high-traffic areas of campus but are guaranteed to give you some one-on-one time with nature as you dive into your work!

Suppose you are willing to walk away from the main areas of campus. In that case, the courtyards in the residential hall have a pleasant stillness and peacefulness during the afternoons! Lothian Hall has two great places to settle and write your next paper!



[Image Description: One of Lothian’s courtyards.]


Tables and trees

[Image Description: One of Lothian’s courtyards.]


If quiet and uninterrupted work is indeed what you are looking for, the Director’s Garden outside of the Center for Ideas and Society is far from any foot traffic!


CIS Garden

[Image Description: The Director’s Garden of the Center for Ideas and Society.]


Last but not least, my personal favorite is the front of A. Gary Anderson Hall. This location has ample sun and shade to suit your outdoor needs, tables, benches, and a perron for lounging while working to end the day by catching a glimpse of Riverside’s beautiful sunsets!


Anderson Hall

[Image Description: Front area of A. Gary Anderson Hall.]


[Image Description: Sunset from the perron of A. Gary Anderson Hall.]