Grad-to-Grad Support

Do you feel like you need some extra support with all the challenges we're facing this term? Are you striving to find some balance between staying productive in your research, teaching online, being present for your friends and family, and finding some space to de-stress?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could talk to someone about it who understands? Well guess what -- you can! Log onto Zoom and talk to some of our friendly graduate student staff members.

Topics of conversation include:

  • troubleshooting online teaching issues
  • navigating your professional relationships remotely
  • support with switching advisors and/or committee members
  • learning about campus resources available to you despite the closure

Our team is composed of current graduate students with a range of expertise in mentoring, teaching strategies, professionalization, and much more. Please note that students may make a maximum of two Grad-to-Grad appointments per week. The link to join your Zoom appointment can be found in the bio of the grad student you're meeting with when you make your appointment.

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Here is an overview of the Grad-to-Grad Support Hours the GradSuccess staff offer throughout the quarter. Click on the name you want to know more about!

  • JESSICA: Mentoring, Conferencing, Organization & Time Management, STEM

    Jessica Tingle is a sixth year PhD candidate in Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology and the STEM Coordinator of the Graduate Student Mentorship Program. Her dissertation focuses on the biomechanics and evolution of sidewinding snakes. When she's not sciencing, Jessica loves eating, cooking (but not baking), hiking, and listening to music. Her Winter 2021 office hours are Tuesdays 9-10am.

  • ANTARA: Teaching/TAing, International Students, Presentations and Public Speaking, STEM

    Antara Chakravarty is a PhD student in Plant Pathology researching plant-based vaccines. She's a former Grad Slam Finalist and Teaching Assistant Development Program Lead Consultant. Her Winter 2021 office hours are Mondays 11am-12pm.

  • KRISTOFFER: Campus Resources, Work/Life Balance, Networking, International Students, Humanities

    Kristoffer S. Ekroll is a third year PhD student in English and the Graduate Student Resource Center Lead Consultant. He works on representation and navigation of architecture and space in Gothic and horror; oftentimes with a queer lens. Kristoffer (or Kris) came to the US from Norway and enjoys hiking, cooking, baking, and photographing odd things. His Winter 2021 office hours are Tuesdays 10-11am.

  • KYLA: Teaching/TAing, Mentoring, Navigating Professional Relationships, Social Sciences

    Kyla Rankin is a 6th year graduate student in the Social/Personality Psychology Program, with an emphasis in Health and Well-Being. She is also the Coordinator of the University Teaching Certificate program. In her research, Kyla explores the benefits of flow states and mindfulness in order to design interventions for people experiencing stressful uncertainty. She has also TA'd and been lead instructor for several courses at UCR and participated in the 2019-2020 University Teaching Certificate (UTC) program. Her Winter 2021 office hours are Tuesdays 3-4pm.

  • SONGLING: International Students, Mentoring, Work/Life Balance, Humanities and Social Sciences

    Songling Chen is a PhD student in the Graduate School of Education specializing in Higher Education Administration and Policy. She is the CHASS Coordinator of the Graduate Student Mentorship Program and has previously lived in Beijing, Stuttgart, and Los Angeles. Her Winter 2021 office hours are Wednesdays 11am-12pm.

  • SARAH: Teaching/TAing, Presenting and Public Speaking, Social Sciences

    Sarah Bannister Murray is a PhD student in Sociology researching intersectional inequality in the experience of female police officers. She is the Teaching Assistant Development Program Coordinator and a former theater major at Queen's University, Canada. Her Winter 2021 office hours are Wednesdays 10-11am.

  • MAGNOLIA: Special Topics Peer Mentor in Mental Health and Wellness

    Magnolia Yang Sao Yia is a PhD student in Critical Dance Studies with a Designated Emphasis in Southeast Asian Studies. She serves as a special topics peer mentor in GradSuccess focusing on graduate student mental health and wellness. Her Winter 2021 office hours are Wednesdays 2-4pm.

  • JAMIELA: Special Topics Peer Mentor in Communication and Early Career Development

    Jamiela Kokash is a 5th year PhD student in Neuroscience. She serves as a special topics peer mentor in GradSuccess focusing on professional communication and early career development. Her Winter 2021 office hours are Tuesdays 2-4pm.

  • TERESA & ERIC: Technical Support for Online Teaching

    XCITE TA Liaisons Teresa Neal and Eric Johns offer weekly office hours for graduate TAs. They can help TAs navigate new software and tools for online discussions, testing, labs, and lecture classes. Visit the virtual lounge to discuss iLearn, Canvas, YuJa, Gradescope, and best practices for TAs. Their Winter 2021 office hours are Tuesdays 10-11am. Join XCITE TA Lounge.