Intern Application

In Winter 2021, Graduate Division will offer a for-credit internship opportunity in GradSuccess focused on grant writing. The internship will provide an opportunity for the selected graduate student to earn twelve credits (via enrollment in GDIV 498i) working ten hours/week. 

This opportunity involves obtaining practical experience relevant to higher education administration and the non-profit sector by doing the following:

  • Research
    Identifying possible funding opportunities for GradSuccess programs, staff, and/or events

  • Writing
    Drafting various elements of grant applications
  • Administration
    Outreach to other campus units involved in research funding and development, and tracking opportunities and applications

Interns will be mentored by GradSuccess Director Dr. Hillary Jenks, Graduate Resource Center Coordinator Dr. Yelda Serin, and Graduate Writing Center Coordinator Cristina Trujillo, and will be expected to present a final report with recommendations to a meeting of the Graduate Division Deans. Graduate students who successfully complete their internship may also request a reference/letter of recommendation from Dr. Jenks.

The application is currently open and will close at 9am on Monday, December 7th. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Hillary Jenks at