Peer Support

Do you feel like you need some extra support? Are you striving to find that perfect balance between being a model graduate student, an effective TA, and a healthy, happy individual?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could talk to someone about it? Well guess what -- you can? Come by the GradSuccess office (UOB 141) and talk to some of our friendly staff in a safe and welcoming space. You can grab free coffee and a snack while you're there!

Topics of conversation include:

  • navigating your professional relationships
  • support with switching advisors and/or committee members
  • teaching strategies and ways to engage students
  • learning about resources available to you on and off campus

Our team is composed of current graduate students with a range of expertise in mentoring, teaching pedagogies, professionalization, and much more. Please note that students may make a maximum of two peer support appointments per week. Drop-ins are also welcome.

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