Looking Ahead to Academic Pathways Week

By Kristoffer Ekroll |

Are you thinking about continuing in academia after graduating? Do you feel uncertain about the prospects of entering the academic job market? Would you like to hear people sharing their experiences from moving into academia? If so, you are in luck, for this quarter we have an entire week dedicated to these very questions.

I present to you: After Grad: Academic Pathways Week 2022!

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Pictured: Ta daaaaaaa!

This is essentially a full week dedicated to talks, workshops, and clinics centered around entering academia in a professional capacity—some of them even have a free lunch. This blog post will cover just a few of the many exciting events we have planned for you, but you can register for and read about as many events as you want by going to the After Grad: Academic Pathways Week 2022 website.

Now, without further ado, let us dive right in.

The week will start off with a bang with a keynote address by Dean Daryle Williams! The Dean will be talking about his experiences and understandings of what it is like to pursue a faculty position at a research university. Among these will be what he looks for in a candidate and what you can do to stand out in the search. Dean Williams is a seasoned academic with experience both domestic and international, so to listen to him talk about his academic pathway will be very enlightening.

The event will be broadcast on Zoom, but a lucky 25 will be able to attend in person and have lunch with the Dean afterwards! Spots are limited so move quickly.

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Pictured: The alpaca speaks the truth.

The other big event of the week is the “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” address happening Wednesday, November 2nd. We have invited Dr. Maria Morales to present on “Stories Matter: Context and Empathy in the Practice of DEI.” Dr. Morales is an educator and cultural scholar who has dedicated her career to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. The purpose of her talk is to establish different forms of awareness­—both of the self and of others—as a foundational element of cultural engagement. Dr. Morales’s focus is always on compassion, empathy, and human connections and to hear her talk about this important topic is sure to be rewarding for everyone.

In addition to being broadcast on Zoom, this event also includes a 25 person event with accompanying lunch!

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Pictured: Me, you, and everyone else running to get into the in-person Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion address with Dr. Maria Morales.

In addition to these two main events, we have an array of workshops lined up for you. Do you wonder what the academic interview process is like? How about what should go into your cover letter? These are but a few of the questions that will be answered! The workshops are held by campus faculty and staff.

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Pictured: Your mind is blown by the cool workshops we have for you.

But it does not stop there for we also have panels (yes, panels!)!

Do you want to learn from those who have trotted the walk of faculty and postdoctoral hiring before you? We have you covered by having invited postdocs and recently hired faculty to come and share their experiences with the market as well as what their day to day looks like. These panels will include discussion on such important topics as the job search, the interview, workload, and negotiation.

Come one come all to learn from those who have walked the path of knowledge and career advancement before you!

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Pictured: All of us marching together to watch the panels and all the other things Academic Pathways Week has to offer.

I think that this year’s Academic Pathways Week is shaping up to be as exciting and informative as always. Do keep in mind that I have not been able to cover everything in this simple blog post (I didn’t even mention the Cover Letter Clinic). To read more and register, go to the After Grad: Academic Pathways Week 2022 website.