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It's Time for GRAD SLAM!

UCR's 2023 Grad Slam competition is on! Take advantage of training and feedback opportunities and submit your preliminary video summarizing your research in three minutes or less.

Supporting Graduate Students of Color

Last year, I embarked on the journey of collecting stories about the experiences and views of first-generation students of color attending graduate school. My purpose for collecting these stories was simple: I wanted to 1) learn about the experiences of first-generation graduate students of color and 2) learn how first-generation graduate students of color are...
By Carlos Galan | | Mentoring, Funding & Finances, Support Services
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Budgeting as a Graduate Student

Grad school brings a multitude of challenging factors: the stress of going to class, working in a lab, writing a dissertation or master’s thesis, and taking care of yourself financially. For these reasons, managing your finances as a graduate student can be a daunting task. You might find yourself with limited funds and very little...
By Rosalia Lerner | | Funding & Finances

GradSuccess: Supporting You This Summer

It’s been a historically unusual and unpredictable Spring. As we stagger into the final weeks of the quarter and look ahead to Summer, we’re greeted with new questions: when will my lab reopen? Is it humanly possible to TA 5 days a week on Zoom? When I wear my mask to the beach, will the...
By Hillary Jenks | | Funding & Finances, Academics & Research

It's Time For Grad Slam!

Are you a grad student conducting research or working on a creative project at UCR? Eager to share that work with the campus community and broader public? Looking to get feedback on your presentation skills? Interested in potentially winning a lot of money? If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions… Grad...
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Now Accepting Digital Humanities Fellowship Applications

Yes, you heard the name “GradQuant” and you’ve seen the emails about workshops on causal inference or machine learning in Python. You may have even visited the GradQuant space for various workshops and meetings. However, you’ve never actually been to GradQuant on purpose…because you’re a humanist or social scientist! What does GradQuant have to do...
By Yelda Serin and Madeleine St. Marie | | Funding & Finances