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Using Citation Management Software

Producing scholarly work involves reading and synthesizing an often overwhelming amount of information from various sources such as journal articles, books, websites, reports, etc. Having a well-organized set of references from which to pull from can make the difference when writing scholarly papers like essays and manuscripts. Citation management software, also known as reference management...
By Gary Qin | | Professionalization, Advice

What I Learned at Career Pathways Week

This past Career Pathways Week was such a treat! In May, we hosted a week of talks, panels, workshops, and clinics in collaboration with the Teaching Assistant Development Program and the University Teaching Certificate Program aimed at earning faculty positions at institutions focused on teaching: community colleges, CSUs, and other state college systems, and liberal...
By Victoria Romano | | Professionalization

What I Learned Teaching My First Course as an Associate Instructor!

For context, I’ve been a TA every quarter since Summer 2020 and have served as a teaching assistant for various courses, from introductory-level psychology to more advanced upper-division seminars. Sometimes, I had as few as five students; other times, I had as many as 30 in a single session. Though there are many skills afforded...
By Shannon Brady | | Professionalization, Advice

Why Mentoring Matters - Open Mentoring Opportunities in GSMP

Mentorship in graduate school matters because national attrition rates are as high as 50%. At UCR, they hover around 30%. A study conducted in 2018 found that of the students who participated in the Graduate Student Mentorship Program (GSMP), fewer than 10% of mentees had dropped out of graduate school. What is the moral of...
By Monique Posadas | | Professionalization

Looking Forward to Career Pathways Week

Are you considering teaching at a Community College (CC) or California State University (CSU)? Then you are in luck — this quarter is Career Pathways Week: Teaching! Come learn about what it is like to transition and teach at CC or CSU. You will also have the opportunity to learn what skills and knowledge can...
By Nathaly Martinez | | Professionalization

Why I Took UTC: A Call to Better Teaching

Have you ever wished you had more exciting teaching practices that invited students to learn more deeply in your classroom? Me too! Before taking the University Teaching Certificate (UTC) Program, my teaching had hit a rut where I was doing the same activities over and over again. I felt stuck in a loop. This was...
By J Selke | | Professionalization

ORCID iD For Graduate Students

Have you ever wondered what the green bubble with the white text “ID” next to an author’s name means when reading a research article? It refers to ORCiD! ORCiD is a free and helpful resource for researchers of all backgrounds to link their work in one place. This is possible due to its global reach...
By Camila Alvarez | | Professionalization

Spring GradQuant Workshops

As the Spring quarter begins, GradQuant offers an exciting lineup of programs. For UCR graduate students and postdocs, GradQuant is a valuable resource for data analysis. If you're unfamiliar with GradQuant, here's a brief introduction to our staff and programming. GradQuant Consultants At the core of GradQuant programming is our team of consultants. GradQuant consultants...
By Da Gong | | Professionalization

Upcoming Spring 2024 GWC Workshops

Hello Highlanders! We hope all of you have been having a great year thus far. The 2023-2024 academic school year has been flying by! Many of you have been working diligently this school year and knocking out assignment after assignment. Or maybe, though you managed to turn in that paper, you felt like that writing...
By Christopher Valencia | | Professionalization

Polishing Your Paper

Many of us have our own writing methods. Some of us lock ourselves in our rooms for several hours and crank out our first draft. Others write for one hour, stop, rest for another hour, and repeat this process until the first draft appears. But, regardless of your process, getting the initial draft out is...
By Christopher Valencia | | Professionalization, Advice

What I Learned at Beyond Academia Week

Are you graduating within the next year? Are you interested in pursuing a career outside of traditional academia? Do you ever wonder what kinds of opportunities there are outside of the confines of the campus? Do you want to understand more clearly what “transferable skills” you have attained by earning your degree? This month, the...
By Nathaly Martinez | | Professionalization

UCR Career Center's Self-Service Photo Booth

As the Special Topics Peer Mentor specializing in academic and professional development for the Graduate Student Mentorship Program (GSMP), I want to share a resource to help graduate students prepare for their future careers. The UCR Career has a self-serve photo booth available to all students! Here, I want to go over the process and...
By Camila Alvarez | | Professionalization

A Few Tips on Giving Presentations

During my first quarter here at UCR, along with several other students, I was asked by one of my professors to give a class presentation on a set of readings for one of the designated weeks of the course. The presentation was on a theoretical textbook, around 250-300 pages, and my presentation had to be...
By Christopher Valencia | | Advice, Professionalization

Looking Forward to Career Pathways Week

We won’t sugarcoat it: the academic job market can be rough! In recent years, however, the relative scarcity of academic jobs has opened up many other, equally edifying job prospects for us PhDs. This quarter’s Career Pathways Week will be themed “Beyond Academia,” and will explore the many burgeoning “alt-ac” career opportunities available to us...
By Victoria Romano | | Advice, Professionalization

Reflecting on Your Teaching

The quarter system can be challenging and goes by so quickly! With office hours, constant grading, and planning classes or lab/discussion sections, there needs to be more room to reflect on your pedagogical practices and teaching persona. Despite the limited time and stress the quarter can create, reflecting on your teaching, how you would like...
By Ashley Harlow | | Advice, Professionalization

What I Learned at Career Pathways Week

I had the pleasure of organizing and participating in this year’s Career Pathways Week for my first time as a Consultant for the Graduate Student Resource Center. What a privilege to attend this four-day-long professional development program as part of my job ! This quarter, the focus was on pursuing academic jobs, specifically tenure-track positions...
By Victoria Romano | | Advice, Professionalization

Looking Ahead to Career Pathways Week

Are you thinking about continuing in academia after graduating? Do you feel uncertain about the prospects of entering the academic job market? Would you like to hear people sharing their experiences from moving into academia? If so, you are in luck. For this quarter, we have Career Pathways Week – an entire week dedicated to...
By Nathaly Martinez | | Advice, Professionalization

What the Heck Comes Next!?

The Career Center has invited the Graduate Student Resource Center to team up and start a podcast focused on your career development while in graduate school.
By Monique Posadas and Jason Chou | | Wellness, Professionalization, Academics & Research
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What I Learned at Teaching Careers Week

Missed some or all of Teaching Careers Week? Not to fear! Read on for the takeaways from each session.
By Nathaly Martinez | | Professionalization, Teaching
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Why Do I Want to Apply to UTC?

Want to become an instructor at college level and hone your teaching skills? Join our Fall-Winter UTC cohorts!
By Judy Zhu | | Teaching, Professionalization