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What I Learned at Teaching Careers Week

Missed some or all of Teaching Careers Week? Not to fear! Read on for the takeaways from each session.
By Nathaly Martinez | | Professionalization, Teaching
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Finding Teaching Resources During the Summer

Are you working as a teaching assistant or instructor this summer? Learn more about resources that can support you.
By Anne Sullivan | | Teaching, Advice
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Why Do I Want to Apply to UTC?

Want to become an instructor at college level and hone your teaching skills? Join our Fall-Winter UTC cohorts!
By Judy Zhu | | Teaching, Professionalization
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Excellence in Teaching - TA Awards

Prepare to celebrate excellence in teaching by learning more about the Outstanding TA Awards, Distinguished Teaching Awards, and the TA Development Program's Excellence in Teaching Banquet.
By Anne Sullivan, PhD | | Teaching
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Learn About the UC DEI Rubric with TADP and XCITE

TADP and XCITE will lead a co-sponsored workshop next month to spread the word about the UC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Course Design Rubric and how you might apply the rubric as a TA. Read this week's blog post for more details.
By Anne Sullivan, PhD | | Teaching
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How Instructors Can Support "Adulting" Students

How can instructors, especially TAs, best support traditional-age, or "emerging adult," students? Read on for research into issues impacting college-age students and some suggestions on how to help them succeed in your classroom.
By Corinne Tam | | Teaching, Wellness
Teaching Head

Borrowing (Not Stealing) Teaching Techniques

“All good teaching is stealing.” Many of us have probably heard some version of that advice. A more accurate and generative aphorism, however, might go something like this: “all good teaching is borrowing, building, and giving credit.” One of the joys of teaching is realizing that you don’t have to design an exciting in-class activity...
By Anne Sullivan | | Teaching, Advice
Teaching Head

Why You Should Apply to UTC this Fall

When it comes to teaching, what is it that you find so attractive? Is it the immersion in topics you love and the ability to share that love with your students? Is it the look on a student’s face when they “get it?” Either way, teaching is a key part of our work as grad...
By Judy Zhu | | Teaching

Finding Teaching Resources During the Summer

Unfortunately, the Teaching Assistant Development Program (TADP) does not offer programming over the summer. That doesn’t mean, however, that there are no resources available to help you with teaching during the summer. Below are some options to consider if you’re teaching for the first time or just looking to improve your teaching over the break...
By Sarah Murray | | Teaching
After Grad: Teaching Careers Week

What I Learned at Teaching Careers Week

Are you pursuing a teaching role after your degree? Wondering how to get started on your job search journey into academia post graduate school? If so, then you may be getting ready to apply to academic positions. Well do not worry, the Graduate Student Resource Center has you covered. This month the GSRC hosted our...
By Nathaly Martinez | | Teaching, Professionalization
Teaching Head

Top Three Reasons Why YOU Should Apply for the University Teaching Certificate (UTC) Program

Why is it that you value teaching? Were you inspired by your favorite teacher? Is there something in your research that you want to share with the world? Either way, teaching is a key part of our work as grad students and potential future careers. Check out the top three reasons why YOU should apply...
By Brittany Carlson | | Professionalization, Teaching
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Looking Ahead to Teaching Careers Week

Spring is here and that means that the birds are chirping, the pools are heating up, and GradSuccess is hosting After Grad: Teaching Careers Week (TCW). For the uninitiated, this is a week full of virtual panels, workshops, and clinics that focus on different aspects of teaching and being part of the teaching profession. This...
By Kristoffer Ekroll | | Professionalization, Advice, Teaching

Lessons from TADP: What Our Coordinators Learned from UCR Teaching Assistants

Over the last year, we have had the distinctive honor of supporting graduate students in their teaching. We have witnessed graduate students cope with the challenges associated with the pandemic while showing an exemplar commitment to teaching excellence. Here are some of the lessons we have gained from teaching assistants during our time working in...
By Carlos Galan and Brittany Carlson | | Teaching

Tips for Working Effectively in Teams

Friends, Effective teamwork is critical in nearly all walks of life. As students, many of us have participated in group projects with varying degrees of enthusiasm. As instructors, we are often required to organize and facilitate group work among our students. As professionals, we may need to work with colleagues in labs, conferences, and other...
By Matt Arthur | | Academics & Research, Teaching

Teaching Techniques for Different Learning Styles

Friends, As graduate students, we are professionals and specialists in our fields. As such, we are uniquely equipped to pass our knowledge to new learners. The opportunity to teach as graduate students should not be taken for granted. Teaching provides valuable practice for those who will go on to work in academia, and our work...
By Matt Arthur | | Teaching

Building a Network of Teaching Mentors

There is an old proverb that says “it takes a village to raise a child” - that it takes an entire community of people to provide for the growth and development of a healthy child. It is also true that the same principle applies to early career teachers and scholars. As we develop in both...
By Bryan Scott | | Teaching

Supporting First-Generation Undergraduates

Did you know that more than half of UCR undergraduates are the first in their family to attend college? This makes me proud to be a Highlander, and as a teaching assistant, I embrace the responsibility of serving first-generation college students. But it’s also one of the most challenging things that I do. First-generation college...
By Bryan Scott | | Mentoring, Teaching, Support Services
Teaching Head

Apply for the University Teaching Certificate Program!

What draws you to teaching? Did Boy Meets World’s Mr. Feeney inspire you to become a teacher? Is it the thrill of inspiring the next generation of scholars? Is it the opportunity to share your scholarly passions with a room full of people who eagerly want to learn? Or, is it the elation you feel...
By Brittany Carlson | | Teaching
Teaching Head

Fall 2021 Teaching Development Workshops: Humanizing Teaching and Learning

Are you new to TA’ing? Are you new TA’ing in a hybrid format? Don’t feel alone or overwhelmed; GradSuccess has teaching workshops for that! This fall, the TA Development Program (TADP) workshops will be held on Mondays from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm and Wednesdays 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm. The workshops will focus thematically...
By Brittany Carlson | | Teaching
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PhD Spotlight: Kyla Rankin

In the latest edition of our annual Summer PhD Spotlight series, we are chatting with Dr. Kyla Rankin, who has just completed her PhD in Psychology.
By Hillary Jenks | | Advice, Academics & Research, Teaching, Mentoring