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Why I Enjoy Being a Graduate Student Resource Center Lead Consultant

One of the Graduate Student Resource Center Lead Consultants reflects on why he enjoys working in the Resource Center and how it has helped him prepare for his professional future.
By Kristoffer Ekroll | | Professionalization, Wellness
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Spring Break Bucket List Ideas

Spring Break is a great time to relax and do something fun! Here are some ideas to help you plan a memorable spring break.
By Judy Zhu | | Wellness
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Starting the Quarter Off Right

As we settle into a new quarter, try these tips for boosting your productivity and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
By William Ota | | Wellness
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How Instructors Can Support "Adulting" Students

How can instructors, especially TAs, best support traditional-age, or "emerging adult," students? Read on for research into issues impacting college-age students and some suggestions on how to help them succeed in your classroom.
By Corinne Tam | | Teaching, Wellness

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! First of all, if you haven’t read Matt Arthur’s Thanksgiving blog from last year, I highly recommend it. For this Thanksgiving, though, I thought I’d share some thoughts on what it means to me personally to be thankful and to give thanks. I still speak Chinese regularly at home...
By Jason Chou | | Wellness

GradSuccess Summer Events

Whether you're a new graduate student looking forward to building a supportive community or a current graduate student wanting a break from summer research, we’ve got you covered! We are excited to continue our in-person and virtual events this summer at GradSuccess. We have weekly in-person Coffee Socials, a virtual Art Night, and an in-person...
By Judy Zhu and Jason Chou | | Events, Wellness, Non-Academic Life

Getting Outdoors this Summer

Friends, Summer will soon be upon us in full force. Many of us associate the coming of summer with change, as campus enters its annual state of pseudo-dormancy. This gives way to new work, new routines, and new challenges. For those in Southern California, one such challenge is heat, which is particularly problematic inland. Thankfully...
By Matt Arthur | | Non-Academic Life, Wellness

A Few of Our Favorite Things

As we head into the final month of this academic year, many of us are most likely overwhelmed with coursework, research, and preparation for summer and next year’s funding. To some of us, Spring quarter can be the most exhausting quarter of all. Therefore, it is important to remind ourselves to enjoy moments of joy...
By Judy Zhu | | Non-Academic Life, Wellness
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Blooming Towards Your Degree in Spring

Welcome to the season of spring. The smell of flowers blooming in the air, sunny skies, and a sea of emotions. Let us not forget that that for many graduate students spring can be a stressful yet exciting time. Many of us are wrapping up coursework, finishing up a thesis, defending a dissertation, trying to...
By Nathaly Martinez | | Academics & Research, Wellness

Celebrating International Mentor Appreciation Month

Since being established in 2010, the Graduate Student Mentorship Program (GSMP) has depended on our mentors’ contributions and efforts to facilitate and transform the experiences of graduate students at UCR. In honor of International Mentor Appreciation Month, we would like to thank all of our faculty and peer mentors and talk about the great things...
By Judy Zhu | | Mentoring, Support Services, Wellness

Navigating the Winter Blues

Winter can be a challenging season to navigate, especially during days where your body is experiencing a lack of sunlight, the cold, and just feeling a little down. As graduate students, we juggle multiple responsibilities that can take up so much mentally and physically. That is why this winter, I encourage you to check in...
By Nathaly Martinez | | Wellness
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Coping with Stress During Finals Week in the Hybrid Era

Many of us are returning from a much-needed Thanksgiving break with a full belly and many deadlines to catch up on as we approach the final week of the quarter! Learning to cope with stress is crucial to surviving finals week at UCR, especially in the hybrid era. As current graduate students, not only do...
By Judy Zhu | | Wellness, Support Services
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The Power of Gratitude

Friends, Thanksgiving is nigh! For many, the end of November prompts a strengthening of appetites as families gather to indulge in the traditional fare of turkey, corn, and potato. These products, all native to the Americas, are a reminder of the unique role of Thanksgiving in our culture. The storybook version of the “First Thanksgiving''...
By Matt Arthur | | Wellness
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GradSuccess Community-Building Events this Fall

Looking forward to socializing with fellow students back on campus? GradSuccess community-building events are scheduled to help you to connect with peers. This fall quarter, we will host in-person Coffee Socials, two community Game Nights, and an Art Night. Take a look and share these events with other UCR graduate students. Coffee Socials The in-person...
By Yi Zhou | | Events, Wellness
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Coping with Writer's Block

Let’s face it, writer’s block is that office creep always lurking and never welcome. So, how do we evade writer’s block without a personal HR department? Well, we don’t. So, let’s talk about how to deal with our dreaded companion…writer’s block. [Image Description: Michael Scott, a character from The Office, looking at the camera and...
By Ash Merryman | | Writing, Wellness
Four hands come together to toast with their coffee cups.

Back to Campus (In Part) with GradSuccess

Wondering what Fall events will look like as begin transitioning back to campus? Here's the scoop on where, when, and how to access GradSuccess programs and services in the coming months.
By Hillary Jenks | | Academics & Research, Non-Academic Life, Wellness
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Parenting While in Graduate School

Balancing parenting with your graduate studies is certainly challenging. One of the best pieces of advice I was given as a pregnant graduate student was that because parenting and graduate school are both jobs without clear boundaries balancing the two requires lots of patience and chocolate. While I cannot share chocolate via blog (sorry!), here...
By Kelly Bowker | | Support Services, Wellness, Advice

Summer Self Care

Looking to improve your summer? Here are fifteen ideas that are low commitment and low cost. Consider giving one a try this summer: 1. Get up early and watch the sunrise. As a bonus, it’s often the coolest time of day during our Riverside summers! [Image Description: A large orange sun moves slowly up and...
By Sarah Murray | | Wellness, Advice
Welcome Back

Advice on Campus Reopening

Lots of universities have announced plans to reopen their campuses next fall after more than a year of virtual instruction amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes the University of California system; with COVID-19 vaccines available to students, faculty, and staff, our campus also announced that it plans to bring most students to campus for in-person...
By Ruihan Lu | | Advice, Wellness

A Few Quick Ways to Improve Your Day

Unclench your jaw. [Image Description: Pumba, from The Lion King, drops his jaw.] Pictured: Pretty much every time I ask myself, “Is my jaw clenched?” – the answer is yes, yes it is, relax that jaw right now… While you’re at it, you might use your fingers or knuckles to give yourself a face massage...
By Jessica Tingle | | Advice, Wellness