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MamáScholar Chronicles (Holiday Edition): Holiday Read Aloud Books

When my daughter is not in school, playing outside with her neighbor friend, making protest posters (mom and dad 4 $), or picketing on the strike line with her family, she is listening to holiday read along books. Not yet fully reading, but able to piece together her sight words (hence the back-to-basics protest sign)...
By Monique Posadas | | Non-Academic Life, Advice
Four hands come together to toast with their coffee cups.

Find Community with the Grad Student Resource Center

The Graduate Student Resource Center (GSRC) offers a variety of events and resources to help you let go of stress, meet fellow graduate students, and develop your professional knowledge and skills. Learn more about all we offer! Coffee Socials Coffee Socials are back for Fall! We will host a weekly Graduate Student Coffee Social on...
By Nathaly Martinez | | Non-Academic Life, Support Services

Summer Streaming with GradSuccess

It’s another July in Riverside—a time for sunshine, summer travel, and (hopefully) catching up on the leisure activities you don’t have time for during the academic year. Summer heat in Riverside can be intense, but some brave souls eagerly venture out to explore the great outdoors. However, if you’re like me, you’re probably more eager...
By Alexis Smith | | Non-Academic Life

GradSuccess Summer Events

Whether you're a new graduate student looking forward to building a supportive community or a current graduate student wanting a break from summer research, we’ve got you covered! We are excited to continue our in-person and virtual events this summer at GradSuccess. We have weekly in-person Coffee Socials, a virtual Art Night, and an in-person...
By Judy Zhu and Jason Chou | | Events, Wellness, Non-Academic Life

Getting Outdoors this Summer

Friends, Summer will soon be upon us in full force. Many of us associate the coming of summer with change, as campus enters its annual state of pseudo-dormancy. This gives way to new work, new routines, and new challenges. For those in Southern California, one such challenge is heat, which is particularly problematic inland. Thankfully...
By Matt Arthur | | Non-Academic Life, Wellness

A Few of Our Favorite Things

As we head into the final month of this academic year, many of us are most likely overwhelmed with coursework, research, and preparation for summer and next year’s funding. To some of us, Spring quarter can be the most exhausting quarter of all. Therefore, it is important to remind ourselves to enjoy moments of joy...
By Judy Zhu | | Non-Academic Life, Wellness

Meet the Pets of GradSuccess

Ahead of spring break, we thought we would bring you a blog post that’s a bit of a change of pace. Since the GradSuccess office is closed over the break, we will all be at home more and spending time with loved ones – of the human and animal variety. Read on to find out...
By Sarah Murray | | Non-Academic Life
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Campus Scavenger Hunt

How well do you know UCR’s campus? You are about to find out! Check out these 10 spots during your time at UCR. Caption: Use this map to orient yourself! 1. GradSuccess Main Office – University Office Building (UOB) 141 Why don’t you start your hunt with a visit to our office? We have drop-in...
By Samantha Levell | | Non-Academic Life
Graduation picture of Antara from the shoulders up, wearing tartan tam and holding flowers

PhD Spotlight: Antara Chakravarty

We're closing out our annual Summer PhD Spotlight series with Dr. Antara Chakravarty. Antara has just completed her PhD in Plant Pathology.
By Hillary Jenks | | Professionalization, Job Search, Non-Academic Life, Advice
Four hands come together to toast with their coffee cups.

Back to Campus (In Part) with GradSuccess

Wondering what Fall events will look like as begin transitioning back to campus? Here's the scoop on where, when, and how to access GradSuccess programs and services in the coming months.
By Hillary Jenks | | Academics & Research, Non-Academic Life, Wellness
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How to Thrive as a First-Generation Graduate Student at UC Riverside

You've already overcome the challenges of navigating your undergraduate degree as a first-generation student - go you! But that doesn't mean that graduate school will always be easy to figure out. Here's our guide to thriving as a first-gen graduate student at UCR.
By Carlos Galan | | Advice, Academics & Research, Non-Academic Life
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PhD Spotlight: Jessica Tingle

Our annual summer PhD Spotlight returns! This week we are chatting with Jessica Tingle, who is just completing her PhD in Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology.
By Hillary Jenks | | Advice, Academics & Research, Non-Academic Life
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Thanksgiving Activities To Keep The Gratitude Going

With the Thanksgiving break in full swing, you might be feeling stressed or frustrated about your progress in your graduate studies. Around this time of year, some folks might make students feel guilty for being stressed or for needing to take a break, but you won’t find that here. On the contrary, stress and frustration...
By Songling Chen and Patrick Thomas | | Advice, Non-Academic Life