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How to Maintain Your Writing Over the Summer as a Graduate Student

Staying productive in your writing during the summer can be challenging. This week’s blog has advice on how to enjoy your summer and make progress on your research and writing.
By Kristen Herbert | | Writing, Advice
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Why I Enjoy Being a Writing Consultant

The Graduate Writing Center’s Lead Consultant reflects on why she enjoys working in the writing center and how it has helped her prepare for her professional future
By Lauren Hammond | | Writing, Professionalization
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Welcome to New Graduate Writing Center Consultants!

Two new consultants in the Graduate Writing Center - Christopher Valencia and Kristen Herbert - say hello and tell us a little about themselves.
By Lauren Hammond | | Writing

Writing Academic Job Materials

If you are on the job hunt for faculty or other academic positions, it is never too early to start preparing your written materials. However, applying for jobs can be a tedious and daunting task. To help you in this process, here's a checklist of materials you may be required to submit: Curriculum Vitae Cover...
By Lauren Hammond | | Writing, Advice
Writing at Home

Writing Letters of Recommendation for Your Students

As you settle into the rhythm of the new academic year, you may find yourself receiving requests for letters of recommendation from former students, research assistants, or others who have worked under your purview. Especially if you have never written one before, you may find yourself looking for some tips and tricks. Here is a...
By Nina Mandracchia | | Writing, Advice
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Maintaining a Writing Practice Over the Summer

Summer is finally here, and it’s a great opportunity to recharge and refocus your goals. While it’s tempting to make very ambitious plans, it can be easy for time to slip away without the structure of the regular academic year. Luckily, there are ways you can organize your summer break to meet your writing goals...
By Shaafi Farooqi | | Writing, Academics & Research
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Coping with Writer's Block

Let’s face it, writer’s block is that office creep always lurking and never welcome. So, how do we evade writer’s block without a personal HR department? Well, we don’t. So, let’s talk about how to deal with our dreaded companion…writer’s block. [ Image Description: Michael Scott, a character from The Office, looking at the camera...
By Ash Merryman | | Writing, Wellness
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Introducing Alexis!

Our new Graduate Writing Center Coordinator Alexis Smith just joined us in August. Here's your chance to learn more about her.
By Hillary Jenks | | Writing
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The Graduate Writing Center is open for summer!

The GWC is open for summer! Meet our summer consultants and grab an appointment to dive into your summer writing together.
By Ash Merryman | | Writing
Online Writing

Join the Summer Digital Write-A-Thon!

We can all acknowledge that this past quarter has been challenging. If you’re like me, you found the sudden shift from in-person to on-line work an unexpected (and unwanted) learning opportunity—specifically, the opportunity to learn how to transform your kitchen table into a home office while your new furry co-workers try to eat your computer...
By Christina Trujillo | | Writing, Support Services
Writing at Home

Writing Techniques for the Socially Distanced Grad

With conditions changing by the day due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Spring Break this year feels substantially different. Amidst the switch to online instruction, travel restrictions, school and business closures, and social distancing during a time of uncertainty, this crisis has magnified the precarity and isolation that already characterized many of our positions as graduate...
By Iris Blake | | Writing, Advice
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Spring Break Write-A-Thon: Open to MFAs and PhD Candidates!

So, you’ve defended your prospectus and advanced to Candidacy. Or maybe, you’re working on your thesis for your MFA program. You, my friend, have completed a giant hurdle. Give yourself a pat on the back! Now that you have moved into the dissertating and/or thesis writing stage, finding the time to just sit down and...
By Christina Trujillo | | Academics & Research, Advice, Writing
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A Guide to Creative Writing MFA Support

The MFA can be a difficult world to navigate for emerging writers and scholars. As with all disciplines, when you first start out it feels like your peers all know more about the important conferences to attend, journals to submit to, and funding to apply for than you do. The truth is, everyone feels this...
By Carissa Atallah | | Writing, Advice
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Coming up this Fall in the Graduate Writing Center

Greetings new and returning UCR graduate students! [ Image Description: Stitch, from Lilo and Stich, smiles and waves his claws as he smiles to reveal all his teeth. He says, "Hi!"] Pictured: A warm welcome from the GWC. Fall 2019 is fast approaching and the Graduate Writing Center (GWC) wants to remind you of some...
By Lauren Hammond | | Writing, Academics & Research